October 19, 2011

Concert Q & A

I was driving to work this morning rocking out to the radio and had several flashback memories of some great concert experiences.  So I decided to share them with you in hopes that you will share some with me!  These are really hard to answer

Most memorable concert moment: It was "The Rising Tour" which occurred shortly after 9/11.  Bruce asked for total silence in the audience, and when he had all 20,000 of us paying full attention he played "Empty Sky".  The whole night was a combination of a good time and sad time mixed together.  Very unique atmosphere.

Least favorable concert:  George Michael.  Not because he wasn't good, but because every female (other than me) in the audience was screaming at the top of their lungs the whole time and I couldn't even hear the music.  I wanted to leave but was there for a friend so I stuck it out.

Who puts on the best show: If you know me at all, you already know my answer :)  Bruce, of course!

Concert I wish I could have seen: The Doors, I was born ten years too late; and Queen.  I don't know how I missed them out of the hundreds of bands I've seen, but I did :(

Best concert I never saw:  Led Zeppelin, I still have my two tickets and have never totally forgiven Jon Van B.

Biggest outdoor concert:  Cal Jam II

Smallest inside venue: The Quiet Woman restaurant in Laguna Beach (about 50 - 75 people), Kenny Loggins dropped by and put on a show for some locals, so fun!

Best seats at a concert:  Front Row at VAN HALEN in '81, omg - talk about amazing, Eddie is one of my top 5 guitarists

Loudest concert:  Ted Nugent, love him or hate him - he's very entertaining

Most mind blowing concert:  Pink Floyd! (i was 17, under the influence of LSD & red wine for the occasion and it truly was an incredible night under the stars, i was fearless back then)

Worst concert experience:  Losing my sister for several hours at an all day concert featuring the Rolling Stones.  I was frantic to find her and finally, right before the Stones came on, there she was.

Most frightening moment at a concert:  Same Stones concert as above.  I was near the front, the crowd rushed and literally lifted me off my feet, I was screaming because I was being crushed and no one cared.  Then this big, strong "angel" came out of nowhere (picture Clarence Clemons), lifted me up and out of the crowd (I was only about 125 lbs back in the day!).  After he put me down and I thanked him I looked back again and he was GONE.

Best concert experience:  Impossible to narrow it down.  I will say I got a thrill when David Bowie smiled at me.

Artist seen the most times: Again, if you know me.....Bruce (23? 24?  lost track)

Most embarrassing concert moment:  Falling asleep at Pat Benatar.  I was bored after sitting through Quarterflash and Night Ranger (no offense to either band).

Funnest concert moment: Had to be during Bruce, but there are so many fun moments in all his concerts, hard to pick just one.

Best "goosebumps" moment:  U2, "Vertigo Tour", when Bono was talking about co-existing and loving our neighbor, and peace, etc. then started playing "One" the young man next to me held my hand for a moment (he was Middle Eastern) and we both had tears in our eyes.

Concert I regret:  Def Lepard, only because it was stupid of me to go with the person I went with - we got there late and had crappy seats.

Best concert of all time:  Michael Jackson.  It was the "Bad" tour and Michael was at  his peak in every way.  I know this sounds corny, but I truly did feel like I was in the presence of someone very special.  The energy of his hardcore fans infused everyone else that was there and the THINGS HE DID on that stage were literally magical (he'd walk up a set of stairs, disappear in a puff of smoke then be back on the opposite side of the stage in a different outfit in a matter of seconds, like 5 seconds or less).  His DANCE MOVES, the way he held the audience captive.  His humility.  It was an experience I'll cherish forever.  RIP MJ.  (again, love him or hate him, he was one of the best, if not the best, entertainers of our time).


beachteacher said...

OMG !! I was excited to read about you seeing Pink Floyd, David Bowie,(wow on both)and others, etc....and really enjoying reading all of this, and THEN,...I read that you saw Michael Jackson on the Bad tour !!! REALLY ??? This may sound gay (not homosexual, you know what I mean LOL),...but I actually got goosebumps when I read all about it. No lie. I am blown away about that. Oh wow...I'd have LOVED THAT ! And I'm sure that it was so amazing...NO ONE danced like him..not even close...for starters, never mind his amazing music and ability to put on an incredible show...and just him, in general. I'm so glad that you go to see him ! :)
The other thing is that I am amazed at your memory...you always seem to remember so many things in the far past,..impressive. I've go to think about some concert memories of my own and get back to this. :)

Barbara said...

Lori, its nice to have someone appreciate this post, some great moments for me. About my memory - ha, yep I can remember back to when I was 2 years old! But don't ask me where I put my keys or what the date is or anything like that, my short term is as bad as my long term is good :)

Dawn said...

Just the other week I was thinking it's been too long since I've been to a concert! I love music! I really can't say I have been to a bad concert! Bette Midler puts on a fantastic show! I've seen Crosby, Stills and Nash the most. Also saw them one time with Young too. The Eagles was most memorable. Probably because I grew up listening to them....memories! Oh and Paul McCartney was another one. I regret never seeing Bruce and also Led Zeplin. Missed out on those two. Small venue - there were 3 that were excellent. Now this might age me some because it was long ago but it was Dan Fogelberg, Michael Murphy (he played at our High School - evening concert not during school!) and Mike and the Mechanics. Oh yeah and I almost forgot Jonny Lang when he was just 16 he played at a local park - excellent guitar player! I've been to a few concerts in my years but, not as many as you Babara! I do love to go to concerts! Last summer we saw Tom Petty - excellent!!

beachteacher said...

I just know I can't remember all the concerts I've been to....but here are a couple of highlights right off the top of my head w/out thinking very hard:
1st concert(I've told you this one)-Led Zeppelin, Yale Bowl,New Haven,CT.,1970...playing Led Zeppelin II album songs :), I was 14..I remember well, Lemon Song, Whole Lotta Love, etc.
most amazing impromptu up close concert-Lynyrd Skynyrd-(not all the original guys,sadly)-sitting right in front of them on the grass in a field,while they practiced the night before their actual concert...I walked out of a building across the street, followed the sound...sat down and watched/heard them play "That Smell" (ironic,huh)
-biggest "star" musician...and one I love- Paul McCartney...RFK stadium/Wash.D.C...w/Wings..& his former wife, Linda...great
best beach concert here in my town where I now live- Journey & Los Lonely Boys....standing in front of them on the sand...and Los Lonely Boys were AWESOME...Journey was great too. :)
odd concert a long time ago...the "re-group" of the Mamas and the Papas in Escondido,California w/John Phillips,Mackenzie Phillips,& Denny Doherty
great show concert here in Va.Beach - Aerosmith...love them !
Crosby,Stills,& Nash...back in '76....wonderful...just wished Neil Young was there too....
Jethro Tull- 3 times...I was a big fan of them !
waaaay back when in 1971 or 1972 ?-Cat Stevens...can you say I'm old?
great great concert/show - in D.C. - Billy Joel
most regretful about missing the concert - The Who in 1974 :( ..my roommates all went and I stayed home to study for a midterm ! aagh(but did see them many years later)

best daytime concert - Yes...about 1976
another great daytime concert -Grateful Dead...also in the '70s
ooh, that's all that comes to mind at the moment, but there were a multitude more ! : )

R. Jacob said...

I have been to only a few concerts. I saw Bob Seger, great show. Also Paul McCartney. I was in line in downtown Chicago to buy tickets for Led Zeppelin when the death announcement came. So close...

Barbara said...

Lori, I really wish we could have been friends back in the day and had some of those experiences together! You saw some great shows, its fun to look back on, isn't it :)

Ray, You saw some good ones. I was walking across my college campus when I heard the news about John - and it was my 21st birthday, I'll never forget that horrible moment. I've always respected them for disbanding after he died.

Tom C said...

This was a great read! My wife just did a very similar article on Hubpages. She kept all her ticket stubs and wrote her memories of the concerts.
Here is a link:

Cassidy Magee said...

Being too young to see my favorite bands has been the story of my life so far! I almost saw The Doors last fall, fronted by the singer of The Cult, I believe. Unfortunately i had dress rehearsal for a play that night, and my director wouldnt let me go even though i had already paid for tickets. terrible. Fortunately I just got to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers who are my absolute favorite, so im less bitter haha. I enjoy your blog and love classic rock. I just started blogging, please follow mine!

Lauren said...

My best concert experience was Duran Duran in May 2008. They were touring for Red Carpet Massacre and scheduled a performance just outside of Chicago. I never knew how loud a live concert could be. I was just a few rows back of the right stage speakers and the drums and electric guitar from both the opening act and DD pounded my heart out of my chest...and I did not care because I was having so much fun. I remember to this day writing down every song in exact order so I would never forget.

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