September 30, 2011

Max Weinberg, Bill Champlin & Mindy Abair in MISSION VIEJO!

Just got back from seeing a great show right here in my backyard, literally two minutes from my house!!!  It was wild seeing Max Weinberg in Mission Viejo - who would have thunk it?

It was the opening night of our "Lord of the Strings" concert series and our Reading Festival (both put on by the Library).

Bill may be an older guy but his pipes are as great as ever.  His son was also one of the band members, playing keys and signing.

I'd never heard of Mindy before tonight but I'm officially a fan.  She was so fun and adorable and extremely talented.

They played several of Bill's songs that he wrote for other people and one from Chicago; they did some George Benson, Stevie Wonder, David Ruffin, Southside Johnny (the Fever  by Bruce) and some others.  The encore song was Ramrod by Bruce.

It was fun.  The best part for me personally was watching Max have fun, playing in a relaxed way and being The Boss of the show.  When he plays with Bruce he is so intense because he has to constantly be watching him for his cues - you never know how Bruce will mix up a set or even a song.

Before they played Ramrod he said some very sweet things about Clarence.  It made me wonder what it will feel like for Bruce to introduce the band the first time they play again.

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