September 20, 2011

30 Guitar Riffs - 15 Bass Riffs

Was cruising around YouTube this morning:

Not sure if I agree with all of these, but most of them belong on this list.  It was fun to listen to.  I think the person who put this together is a big fan of G&R, they appear more than anyone else.

And, here's someone's favorite bass riffs, I like all of these:


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Good stuff!

Charlie said...

I question if some of these are even riffs. I love "Roundabout" but that passage sure doesn't sound like a riff to me. A bettter choice for Yes would be "Starship Trooper." How can you leave "Jumpin' Jack Flash" off of the list. Ridiculous!!!! Nothing from The Allman Brothers Band????

Sean Coleman said...

The riff for Paradise City was written by Tony Iommi several years before, only he called it "Zero the Hero" hahaha
There are a few good choices, but it seems that the person simply listened to a classic rock station for about two hours to form their riff list.

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