January 6, 2011

Top 20 - 2010

Check out last years 2010 bestselling albums and tell me if you have purchased any of them.

Dave at http://classicrock.about.com/ 
has posted that album sales are down 15.3% for the year.

How are your album purchasing habits? I can't say that I would have purchased any of them with the exception of number 13. Must be getting old and I am still stuck in the 60's and the 70's.


Ohara said...

Can't remember the last time I bought a CD or album. Maybe it was in 2009. Probably 2008. I had to look it up Kings of Leon, Only by the Night.

Malcolm said...

Numbers 3, 7, and 9 are in my collection. However, I didn't purchase them. Because of the industry I work in, I get quite a few CDs. The last CD that I actually bought was "Love" by The Beatles and that was in 2006.

Sean Coleman said...

Wow, with the exception of Mumford and Sons, that's a pretty poor crop of releases.

This is not to say that any of it is "bad", just extremely generic and boring. More signs that the masses are tuning into "music for people that don't really listen to music"

Looks like the time is right for a Partridge Family Reunion tour in 2011.

music obsessive said...

Actually, apart from 'Fame' by Lady Gaga, I do not own any in the top 100!!

I prefer to call it 'discerning'. Haha!

VaTAga said...

All this "albums" are primitive and so far from classic rock! I didn`t purchaise them and I didn`t get it for nothing.

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