January 20, 2011

Steve Prestwich (1954-2011)

I read the sad news today that Cold Chisel and former Little River Band drummer, Steve Prestwich died this past Sunday, January 16, 2011.  He was diagnosed with a brain tumor about 2 weeks ago.  Sadly he never awoke after being put under for brain surgery to remove the tumor.  Prestwich was only 56 years old.

Being a fan of Australian music I first came to be familiar with Prestwich from his work with Little River Band (on their Playing to Win and No Reins albums).  As I acquainted myself further with Australian music I learned of his contributions to the definitive Australian pub rock band, Cold Chisel. 

In addition to being their drummer, Prestwich sometimes also played guitar, sang, and wrote music for Cold Chisel including two of their biggest hits-- When the War Is Over and Forever Now (both from their Circus Animals album).  In the early days of Cold Chisel the British Prestwich and Scottish vocalist Jimmy Barnes often came to blows sometimes resulting in Barnes departure from the band (although Barnes always returned).
In honor of Prestwich, below is a live clip of When The War Is Over from Cold Chisel's 2003 Ringside tour.

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Barbara said...

Sad news, Perplex. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. It must have been devastating to hear the news and two weeks later....he's gone :(

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