December 13, 2010

44 Musicians Who Have Died

The guy who made this video was kind enough to forward it to me, knowing I'd appreciate it.  I am going to make room for it on "Gone But Not Forgotten".  Speaking of that - we have not lost anyone (that I know of) since Ronnie James Dio back in May.


Anonymous said...

Quite chilling to watch that.

But I must mention three not on the list:

Ricky Parent, Drummer with Enuff Z Nuff (cancer)

Mel Galley , guitarist with Trapeze, Whitesnake (cancer)

Tommy Bolin, guitarist with James Gang, Deep Purple, (heroin overdose)

Great musicians all.

Barbara said...

Kevmoore, Thank you SO MUCH for the comment. I have another blog that I would love you to check out for me when you have time and let me know if you see anyone I missed there. Its called "Gone but not forgotten":

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