December 1, 2010

10 Grammy Nominations for Eminem

So often when you ask someone (of my age) what kind of music they like they will say "oh, everything.....except rap/hip hop of course!"

Well, I used to say that too but I begrudgingly became a fan of Eminem.  I say begrudgingly because when he first appeared on the scene with his obscenities and violent lyrics I forbid my son to listen to him and judged him as a bad influence with nothing beneficial to say and very little talent.

But then I had to follow my own advice and not judge a book by its cover (or in this case a hip-hop artist by his image).  I learned more about him and listened not to the words he was saying, but to the message.

As time went on I started to realize why my son liked him.  I liked him too.  I especially like his latest CD, "Recovery".

I wish him the best of luck in winning all those nominations.

What about you?

- do you like him?
- are you surprised that I do?
- have you listened to "Recovery"?
- who do you like that I may be surprised by?
- do you watch the Grammy's (I don't)?


Mohan said...

"oh, everything.....except rap/hip hop of course!"

I say the same. But for some reason I end up adding, "Except for Eminem, if nothing, he is funny for sure"

I was not into classic rock yet when I started listening to Eminem. The first song I heard was 'Sing for the moment' I didn;t know who were Aerosmith back then, but even after listening to 'Dream on' I can safely say, its not a bad rendition.

Out of all the Rap artists and recently the so called pop artists. The only one I can stand listening to is Eminem, everything else makes me want to break the car stereo or the ipod or whichever music system the hip-hop noise is coming from.
So, I'm not exactly surprised.

May be the only reason I can stand Eminem is because he 'sings' on stage. May be he is more raw, not as raw as rock n roll, but he is not this electronic bullshit that is coming out these days.
If does deserve to win grammy's.
And nope I don't follow the Grammy's. Can't stand it! :P

Perplexio said...

I went through a rap phase in the late 80s/early 90s. From the time I was about 12 until I was 14. About the only rap artists from that era I still listen to are Ice-T (who seems to have left music for an acting career),Whodini (which were one of the first rap groups out there-- their debut album came out in 1980), and the Beastie Boys.

Initially, my opinion of Emminem was much like yours but then I saw 8 Mile and I developed a bit of respect for the guy. I like his new material and I may have to go back and give his early material a second chance. The only Emminem song I have is Lose Yourself from 8 Mile.

I did get into Linkin Park a little bit with their rap/heavy metal hybrid. I still quite enjoy their songs In the End and Numb but the rest of their material all sounds very much the same as all their other material.

Zee said...

I've always believed that we shouldn't always classify artists into genres (although I admit I do this a lot), because then people start judging music not on whether it's good or not, but whether it's in the genre they like. I'm very glad you decided to actually listen to Eminem. A lot of his songs are very meaningful, but just because they contain bad language, people immediately assume it's bad. I really do like Eminem, he stands out from other rappers. I know this sounds sad, but I can sometimes imagine his songs as poems with a beat, they're that well written and well structured. When he raps, you can feel that he's passionate about it.
And, I wasn't that surprised that you do, because I know you're not the type of person who judges a book by it's cover, instead of actually reading it.
Anyway, I loved this post.

Barbara said...

Mohan, thank you so much for adding a comment here, I love what you had to say its very insightful.

Perplex, 8 Mile was a good movie and I think it did get a lot of people to give him a second look.

Zee, thank you for your comment! I agree with you about his passion and about the poetry aspect. Its like he doens't have to look for material to write about - it all comes from inside, its all there, he just has to let it out.

Charlie said...

Can't stand rap. I never will. THe message eludes me because of all the violence and profanity. In addition, I just don't like the "sound" of the genre.

Dan said...

Cant say I have ever really listened. Most all rap turns me off as soon as I hear it. Not surprised you do. You have a very good ear. I watch the Grammys ocassionally just to see any of the classic rock people who might show up. It really went a different direction way back in the 60's. They are a snobbery of opinion that never made much sense to me. Once in a while they will get it right, but not very often.

Barbara said...

Charlie, you're not alone, lots of people list it as the none kind of music they can't stand (or don't even classify it as music).

Dan, glad to see a comment, hope you feel better.

Seano has probably disowned me as a friend because of this post but I have to be honest even when unpopular!

Seano said...

I would never ever disown you.

Rap/hip hop in general is for fans of self fellating. 99 percent of hip hop artists are misogynistic or narcissistic, and that includes poor little Marshall. Until every other hip hop artist has as much respect for anything but themselves and acquiring more masses of excessive everything, I will still wait to watch the genre burn.

I pray for our children daily.

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