February 21, 2010

The Quiet Beatle

George Harrison would have been 67 this week February 25th, 2010. Lung cancer claimed his life too early in 2001. Most would agree he did not get enough space on the Beatles albums. When he did he made the most of his opportunities. Too many favorite songs to play, but my earliest recongnition of George in my younger life was the following:

I loved most all of the Beatles songs, but whenever George was the headliner he made me sit up and take notice. The flavors of the day were featured in the next one:

Then he went on to a solo career where he was finally able to be up front where he always belonged. The next song is just one small snippet in that success and shows where his heart would always be, with the broken and downtrodden:

I hope you have enjoyed this small tribute to a man who knew who he was and never let popular opinion shape who he was to become. He overcame many obstacles in his life, but could not beat the cancer that finally claimed it. Rest in Peace George!


Sean Coleman said...

"Met my friends all in the material world
Met them all there in the material world
John and Paul here in the material world
Though we started out quite poor
We got 'Richie' on a tour
Got caught up in the material world"

He had talent to burn. He was definitely on to something in the jazzier route that he was exploring with Tom Scott and the LA Express. It's a shame that small minds tried to jam him in the Beatle box and didn't fully appreciate what he was up to at the time.

Barbara aka Layla said...

Great tribute to George. The Concert for Bangla Desh literally changed my life, I would never live another day without thinking about the impoverished of the world.

Also loved what he and his friends did with the Traveling Wilburys. I picture them together having pure FUN making that music, nothing to prove, no need for success, just hanging out making music and enjoying the process.

MaxiMilion said...

wow... Barbara, just heard "Savoy Truffle", hadn't heard it in ages.. got a really good feeling now. ;)

My favorite George's song.

riffraf music blog said...

george died a couple months after 9/11.
his death, for me, really intensified the grief i had already been experiencing.
in so many ways, george's death was symbolic of the bloodshed that was to follow.

harrison organized the first ever charity concert, the concert for bangladesh.
he was a talented guitarist, songwriter, but moreover, the guy was a humanitarian.
he practiced what he preached.

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