December 6, 2009

A Reminder of Why I Like David Bowie


Here's a copy of a letter he wrote to his first American fan, way back in 1967, here is the link its from Music News and Features Revival, easier to read from there.

(I will reveal the correct answers to the lyrics from yesterday later this week, but I know you people will come up with them all on your own before then :)


rock and roll history said...

So Cool.

BeckEye said...

Awwww. I didn't need to be reminded that I love David Bowie, but I'm glad you did anyway. That was so sweet!

Jessica said...

Wow that is awesome! :) Such a sweet guy!

Sean Coleman said...

Dear Marge,

Thank you for the lovely painting. I hung it on me wall. In answer to your question, yes we do have French Fries in England, only here we call them 'chips'.


Ringo Starr

P.S. Sorry for the late reply.

Andy said...

This is so cool. I need to come here more. Sorry I haven't. I love the innocence before fame. (Though he still seems like a pretty cool chap.)

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