September 2, 2009

New Music Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Heard about this band from Jake over at Rock Ridge Music. This is what caught my eye:

Think Led Zep meets Backdoor Slam meets Soundgarden.

Sounds good to me! I listened to a few tracks and like them, let me know what you think if you take a listen. One of the special things about them is that they record in analog - no digital remastering for this album at all.

Each of their completely unique performances evokes the raw, euphoric essence of Rock and Roll. Their upcoming release, Sweet Fist, truly reflects the light and dark of this new millennium; it unravels the tales of this modern world with an analog tongue rarely heard in the digital age. It represents both homage to their influences and an insightful progression of the dynamic power of Super 400.

Their forthcoming release “Sweet Fist,” was recorded at the legendary Ardent Recording Studios in Memphis, home to Stax Records for many years, and used the same lathe that was used on many Stax recordings. Recorded on 2 inch tape, the album is pro-tools and auto-tune free. The artwork for the album was created by Klaus Voormann, designer of The Beatles’ “Revolver.”

You can hear an audio stream here - "Flashlight (Radio Edit)"

You can hear a harder track, “FFMN,” Here -


Starrlight said...

Not bad at all, although musically I hear KoL and the Crowes with a chick singin!

Sean Coleman said...

I'm listening now and enjoying it. The biggest draw is the absence of fake digital manipulation in post production. That's what immediately kills my interest in newer music receiving radio play these days.

Ardent is where Big Star did their stuff in the early 70s. Very cool.

drewzepmeister said...

This stuff ROCKS, Barbara!

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