September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bruce!

60 years old never looked so appealing - full of energy, in great shape and still rockin!

Bruce, my friend, may you have many more (and many more tours) you make my life happier!


Perplexio said...

It's amazing how well some of these entertainers have aged (and how poorly others have aged). You can tell which entertainers either stayed clean or cleaned themselves up and started taking care of themselves and which ones didn't.

Bruce, quite clearly, has taken very good care of himself. A few years back when Peter Cetera turned 60 (I believe he's now 65 or 66) I told people "I hope I look half as good at 60 as Peter looks." He was a bit overweight in the 70s but cleaned himself up and got rather fit in the 80s (and has stayed that way).

Happy Birthday Bruuuuuuce!

Bond said...

Not the only Birthday today is it? Or is my calendar wrong?????

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