June 8, 2008

Historic Rock and Roll Home Movie Rediscovered

Got this in an email today:

Historic Rock and Roll Home Movie Rediscovered

Orlando, Fla. (June 8, 2008) After spending nearly 40 years in a drawer in Roger McGuinn’s home, a movie that Paul McCartney described as “brilliant” has found its way to the Internet on www.GrowingBolder.com.

In 1965, The Byrds' Gene Clark, Roger McGuinn, and David Crosby wrote the song that created psychedelic rock, Eight Miles High, about their plane trip to England. Two years later, The Byrds returned to London and McGuinn took along his movie camera to capture the story behind the song. Editing inside the camera, McGuinn created a one-take short film and added Eight Miles High as the soundtrack.

“I had seen an experimental film by a guy named Bruce Conner whose style was to go click, click, click, and then run a few seconds of film,” McGuinn tells Growing Bolder. “The end result is really fast, jumpy images that I thought would be interesting with Eight Miles High.”

The entire film, along with McGuinn’s introduction and description, can be seen at www.growingbolder.com/media/Entertainment/Music/Historic-Home-Movie-152484.html

“The film is a piece of rock history,” says Growing Bolder executive producer Katy Widrick. “We’re excited to help keep it alive.“

Katy Widrick

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chez béziat said...

I can't wait to look at this tonight when I get home.

Rodrigo said...

Sempre Rock and roll, forever

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