May 28, 2008

Tributes to Michael

I've been thinking a lot about suicide lately - don't worry, not considering it, just thinking about how it affects those left behind more than any other type of death.
When Michael Hutchence was found dead...I was devastated. He had a lot of friends and fans. I love this video that someone put together of him, its one of my favorites:

Some of his friends that made tributes:

  • Nick Cave sang his ballad "Into My Arms" at the funeral of Michael Hutchence. The funeral was broadcast live on Australian TV, but out of respect for Hutchence, Cave refused to allow his song to be televised.

  • U2 and Bono have made several tributes to Hutchence ever since his death:
    • The 2000 U2 album All That You Can't Leave Behind includes a song titled "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of", which Hutchence's friend Bono wrote about his apparent suicide. The song is written in the form of an argument about suicide in which Bono tries to convince Hutch of the act's foolishness. Bono characterized the song as a good old row between friends, which he felt guilty for never having with Hutchence while he was alive.
  • Singer Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran, a friend of both Hutchence and Yates (and Geldof's best man at his wedding to Yates), also wrote an eerily prophetic song for him. It was recorded in 1996 and released on the album Medazzaland only a month before Hutchence's death. "Michael, You've Got a Lot to Answer For" included these lyrics:
"Trust you to get caught up in somebody's war; you'll come out of it all intact, I'm sure.
Just remember what friends were put here for;
Michael, you've got a lot to answer for, and I know that you're gonna call... if you need me."
Duran Duran was touring to support the album when Hutchence died, and Le Bon found the song too difficult to perform anymore so it was cut from the set for the remainder of the tour. However during subsequent Duran Duran tours, it was included as a tribute.
  • At a 2007 show in Adelaide supporting INXS, Simple Minds dedicated "Gloria" to Michael, saying "it's about a woman, but it'd have to be with Michael." At a New Zealand show 2 months later, he also dedicated "Gloria" to the memory of Michael Hutchence.
  • On many aftershows in London Indigo during his Earth Tour (21 nights in London), Prince played the song "What You Need" with Maceo Parker on saxophone to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Michael's loss.
(info taken from Wikipedia)

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Starrlight said...

I am a looooong time INXS fan. Dating back to the very 82 when The One Thing became The Big Thing on MTV - ah the good old days.

Saw them in concert too. Front row center on the Kick tour. Michael in those black leather pants. Oh. My. God.

He was one hell of a frontman. He was every bit as good as Bono and let me tell you I worship at the alter of U2 and have since 1981.

I recently got my daughter hooked on them. You put in The Swing, Listen Like Thieves and Kick and it hits you just how many great songs they had.

I miss that band and Michael will always be Elegantly Wasted in my book.

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