May 15, 2008

REO Speedwagon

You know how it is when you hear a certain song that triggers your memory? The next thing you know you are transported back to a time or place and can almost FEEL what you felt at that moment. I have lots of those, and quite a few are not spectacular events from the past, but just ordinary moments.

When I see this album cover I am sitting on my brother's bed with my boyfriend, Jon. My brother is sitting at his desk talking on his CB radio and Jon and I are stoned and we are debating whether or not the cover of the album is clever (his thought) or gross (mine). :)

Later when REO hit their peak and went on tour my boyfriend got a job as one of their roadies. We broke up before they hit the road because there was NO WAY I was going to sit at home alone every night while he was living the rock and roll life of a roadie. (Bob Chandler** if you see this - call me! I want to see if you still have long hair...or any hair???)

This post was triggered by a blog friend, Nik, who is disappointed that Billy Idol is replacing REO as an opening act for Def Lepard this summer. I would be offense to Bill.

**Not to be confused with Bob Chandler the NFL player

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The Mad Hatter said...

You know, it's funny. I don't really have too many moments like this, because I'm too young and devoured the music either too quickly or unconsciously (through my parents). I just did GNR's Appetite with a similar sort of recollection, but there's not many more I can say that of other than maybe Dark Side, which every time I hear or see the cover I remember my senior year in high school when I played it religiously, I kid you not, everyday when I got home. No homework, no friends, just my little happy hour, hehe.

Dan said...

I have those memory moments all the time when I listen to the classics. I often remember the times I was "tooling" around in my car looking for something to do with my friends, or the times with a girlfriend parked somewhere. I especially will often remember when I saw the band in concert and who I was with at the time. And of course how stoned I was:-)

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Erin said...

So you KNOW me. Yes yes! to your first paragraph.

I'm not so huge a fan of REO, though. Bing a child of the 80's I'd rather see Billy, but that's just personal opinion.

Bond said...

That has always been one of my favorite album titles...right up there with Joe Walsh's "The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get"

and Spooky tooth's "You broke My heart so I busted your jaw"

Malcolm said...

Although I like Billy Idol, him opening for Def Leppard doesn't seem like a good match. I guess if one is a fan of 80s music it won't matter. Personally, it wouldn't to me either.

I have always liked that REO title. Two other titles that I've always liked (even though I don't know if the albums themselves are any good) are Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake by The Small Faces and Every Good Boy Deserves Favour by The Moody Blues.

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