March 29, 2008

Rock and Roll Over

I've never been a HUGE fan of KISS, but I wore out my copy of this album. I remember buying it at Tower Records when I was 16 years old.

I've heard for years what a great show they used to put on live and am actually watching one right now on VHI Classics. I really can't handle Gene Simmons. Yuk. But the rest of them are fun to watch.

My sister saw them open for Ozzy back in the 80's and she was FRONT ROW and under the influence of drugs. She had a great time.

I think the whole make-up and costume thing was a genius idea because they'd probably be just another mediocre band that no one heard of if it weren't for that.

correction: I told my sister I posted this and she corrected me. It was Motley Crue opening for KISS, she saw Ozzy at the US Festival on a different occasion.

So three questions:

Do you ever watch VHI Classic Concerts?
What do you think of KISS?
Did you do drugs when you were in your teens/20's?


Bruce said...


I'm an actual member of the KISS army. I saw them live in 1980, and it was one of the best shows I ever saw. Period.

Other than alcohol(which I haven't touched in 18 years), I never did anything stronger than pot.

Erin said...

Yes, we watch them all the time.

I was never really into KISS. I was just a little too young.

Um, no comment ;-)

I have to say I thought of you Barbara...I got a t-shirt the other day that says "Music is My Boyfriend."

Barbara - Layla said...

Bruce, I knew that about you :)


David Amulet said...

Yes, I love VH-1 Classic as background much of the time.

Yes, but I was a late convert. I wasn't the right age to fall under their sway at their '70's height, so I didn't like the band at all until about five years ago, when I discovered the music. Now I'm a fan.

Good live, but a bit formulaic.

No on drugs.

Erin said...

OK, honey I need to know your t-shirt size and your address...I owe you one, ya know?

Jeff said...

Kiss always comes off as being a gimmick band for me. I never thought their music was special, they were a band that put on ridiculous make up and put on a fantastic show. If not for those two things Kiss probably would have never made it.

Mike said...

vH1 CLASSIC is my fave channel.

My son worships at the mantle of the the gene/paul marketing machine. I really love the early Kiss.

No to drugs. EVER

Rudest Of The Rude said...

motley crue has never toured with kiss and kiss never toured with ozzy.crue did open for ozzy on the bark at the moon/shout at the devil tour.

Barbara said...

Rudest, thanks for the comment. I did make that correction if you look closely at the post.

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