March 24, 2008

Bruce gave a poor performance?

I just got done reading Pete's post.
It's a bit upsetting and I am trying not to worry about Bruce.
I know he would not intentionally go on stage and not give it his all...he never has before. Something must be wrong.

So to all the critics who love to point out the negative I say: Give the guy a break. Bruce is human and if one out of hundreds of performances is not incredible, there is obviously a reason for it.

Yet, on the other hand - if I were in the audience I would have been disappointed too. I heard that first-timers didn't even know the difference, so that's comforting. Its the old time fans that seem to be complaining. To them I say: Be thankful for all the excellent shows and be forgiving one that wasn't as good as you would have liked it to be.


Perplexio said...

Honestly, on the Chicago message boards I frequent-- we get the same schism. There are fans who love anything/everything the band does, and then there are those of us who are much more critical of the band and feel that they've just been going through the motions for several years now.

All of the original members and one of the "new guys" (Bill Champlin, he's been in the band since 1982, but he's still considered to be one of the new guys) are in their 60s. Tris Imboden (formerly of Honk, one of the bands you've mentioned on here before) is in his 50s, Jason Scheff and Keith Howland are both in their 40s. Most of the guys in the band are road warriors. They love touring.

Many of the guys in Toto are in their 50s now and they've just wrapped up a tour that's lasted TWO YEARS. So they're on hiatus for the time being, but their guitarist, Steve Lukather, just released a solo album and wants to go on tour to support it. He lives for the road!

Knowing how much and how extensively Bruce tours, something tells me that he's cut from the same cloth as the guys in Chicago and Steve Lukather.... Speaking of which, one of Bruce's first major concerts (if not his very first) he opened for Chicago! I believe that was back in 1973 or 1974.

hallga77 said...


I thought the show was great and honestly have to wonder what show they were at.

Hallchick & I had not been to a Bruce concert since The River tour.We asked her sister & her husband if they wanted to go and they said yes.They had gone to The River show with us and we stood the whole show because it was a great show but also because some young (drunken fool) girls behind us puked on our seats.

I had gone two others starting with the Born To Run tour. I had about tenth row center seats for the first one and seem to move farther away for each since.

I was the first in line at Ticketslave when they went on sale.
When my tickets came up the "best available" were GA on the floor. Great, while I might be willing & able to stand for the whole show my wife & her sister were not. I got them anyway 'cause if you pass you have to go to the end of the line. When I got home Deb had gotten 4 in nosebleed section so I sold the 4 GA and we sat in the nosebleeds.

The sound was excellent and the big screens gave us a good view of the action. I even enjoyed the songs from the new album (which seems to be mixed a little muddily). I am now re-energized fan. It even has me thinking about catching another show & taking my son. If that was an off night then Bruce on an off night is better than most on their best night.

I have been disappointed with arena shows by Aerosmith & Zepplin but I can still say not by Bruce.

You will enjoy the show.

Maybe we can talk Brian & Amber into catching him in Ireland.


Barbara - Layla said...


I heard he had a cold and was not his usual self. I am so glad you had fun.

I am hoping Amber and Brian run into U2 - they are there right now recording in Dublin!

hallga77 said...

Great, I can see the headlines now:
"American Pastor's Wife Detained On Stalking Charges".

jibbsmcgee said...

I play in a band as well and it is very hard to give a good performance all the time. If the audience isn't into it or the place were playing sucks, its tough to get into it.

Barbara - Layla said...

TIM!!!! LMAO!!!!

Hi Jib, thanks so much for stopping by my blog, please visit again! What insturment to you play or are you the lead vocals? What type of music?

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