December 21, 2006

John Lennon FBI File Revealed

I have to interrupt my "vacation" from this blog to say:


I knew the FBI h ad nothing on John! I hope they feel stupid and ashamed for trying to make him look bad!


Perplexio said...

The whole case against John was largely based on J. Edgar Hoover's paranoia.

He was able to force Charlie Chaplin out, he probably figured if he could get rid of Chaplin, he could get rid of Lennon as well.

Hoover was probably the greatest threat to Civil Liberties our country has ever had/seen.

I wouldn't be surprised if many FBI agents that served under Hoover probably thought he was a little too nutty/paranoid and that he was wasting their time on these wild goose chases (digging up dirt on left-leaning entertainers) when they could better be using their time resources to hunt down actual threats to national security and legitimately dangerous federal criminals.

Jeff said...

I was meaning to do a post on this but it must have slipped my mind. Show's ya how must up our government is. Good job!

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