December 24, 2006

The 80's Nut Newsletter

I am going to start a few new things this year. I know most of you stay up to date on all this related to music, but one source of info I ALWAYS find something "new" on is Martin's "The 80's Nut Newsletter". Of course you can subcribe to it yourself and get all the scoop, but I will put some highlights that interest me here each week starting right NOW:

Queen guitarist Brian May recently confirmed on his Web site that a
film about Freddie Mercury is in the early stages. Rumors claim that
Johnny Depp is in the running for the part. Depp was supposedly in
"in the running" to play the lead in an upcoming Ozzy Osbourne biopic.

Daryl Hall and John Oates' rendition of "It Came Upon A Midnight
Clear" has taken the #1 spot on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.
(personal note about me and Daryl - did you know he used to be my boyfriend back in the 80's???? No? Well, you're not alone, he never knew either but I sure did love him :)

David Bowie recently told New York magazine, "I'm fed up with the
industry and I've been fed up for quite some time. I'm taking a year
off -- no touring, no albums."

Aretha Franklin has been recording a new studio album with many
featured guests. Aretha: A Woman Falling Out Of Love will be released
in the first quarter of 2007 via her Aretha's Records label. Franklin
co-produced and co-wrote many of the tracks.

Bono will be given an honorary knighthood early next year the British
ambassador to Ireland, David Reddaway. Because he is an Irish citizen
and not British, he will not be entitled to use the title "Sir." The
singer was given a similar honor in France in 2003, Legion D'Honneur.

The Flaming Lips will be performing live on the Oklahoma Centennial
Birthday Float at this year's Rose Parade on Jan. 1st.

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