October 27, 2006

Gov't Mule

Hey, do any of you listen to these guys?

Gov't Mule?

I just got their new CD and think I like it.

Ben asked if I'd write a review of the CD. I will, but review writing is not my forte...I feel really self conscious writing reviews for some reason (unless it's U2 or Bruce - then you can't shut me up!).

In the meantime I will post what my good friend, Mike, has to say since he's responsible for turning me on to this band in the first place. Mike doesn't write often, but he's got EXCELLENT taste in music, you should check out his blog and say hello, give the poor dude a few comments ;)

But before you feel too sorry for him - get this: HE HAS FRONT ROW SEATS TO THE WHO AND THE PRETNENDERS in December. I am envious beyond words because I love The Pretenders!!! And who would not want to see The Wo up close and personal!!!

Mike said:
Gov't Mule
This is a band that is really on my radar this year. They began as a offshoot of the Allman Brothers. Warren Haynes is the lead guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter. He is extremely talented and very underrated as a singer. If you love soul music ( 1960's-70's), blues, jazz that wont put you asleep, and straight ahead rock, mixed into blender for a unpredictable 3 hour show.....these guys will grab you. I have always been a fan of guitar music and Mr. Haynes is one of the best. You will never see him in a list of the 10 most handsome men in the world. But, his lyrics and ability makes this guy one of the best. Most of his songs reflect broken love, triumph over adversity, and determination in something you believe in. I have 7th row seats for this show. I am very excited to see this concert. They are showing up at a time where I am totally into them, and ready to see them live! Plus.....they record all of their concerts and you can buy a copy online ! NICE!


Ben Heller said...

I haven't heard of them and I was trying to get to listen to some stuff one their site...unsuccessfully.

Could you do a review for it ?

I could post it up on my site if you wish.

Ben Heller said...

Thanks for that layla. They sound promising. I'll pop over to Mike's.

Bruce said...

They've been around for a few years, and I've got their first cd sitting around here somewhere. They also did a song with James Hetfield last year, called "Drivin' Rain", I believe it's called.

Anonymous said...

Gov't Mule is one of the best bands I've seen live. Another one is "The Band" and I caught wind on a rumour of a new release where Gov't Mule is covering "The Band" songs. The album is called Enless Highway and I found a link to hear some tracks. I really like it...if you're a Gov't Mule fan you def will...and there are other artists I like on the cd too.

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