October 22, 2006

Cancer takes another one from our midst

Today I was saddened when I opened Will & Ben's blog to read about Sandy West. Sandy was one of the original members of The Runaways, one of the first female bands to be succesful in rock/punk. That was back in '75, she was only 15 at the time! Sandy was their drummer and is famed for inspiring Tommy Lee.

I looked all over for a decent video to give tribute to her, but this was the best I could do that actually shows off her drumming talent. It was taken back in ancient times (1984) so the quality is not so great, but you get the idea.

Rest in Peace, Sandy! (tears.....)


Ben Heller said...

She was a really good drummer, of that there's no doubt.

Layla said...

She was. Hey thanks for being my faithful reader. I appreciate it.

JEFF WHERE ARE YOU? I miss your comments!

Ben Heller said...

I like coming here Layla.

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