August 11, 2006

Humble Pie

Humble Pie was around in the early 70's and had some very strong talent. Humble Pie was formed when Steve Marriott left the Small Faces. He teamed up with Peter Frampton (The Herd) as well as Greg Ridley (Spooky Tooth) and drummer Jerry Shirley. They came out with quite a few albums over the year but I think Smokin' was probably their best known.

For me personally this album was the first one that felt truly rebellious because the lyrics were so blatantly about sex, drugs and rock and roll (with an emphasis on drugs). My friend's parents would not allow her to listen to it which made it our favorite album! We would dance to Hot and Nasty and 30 Days in the Hole and honestly never really give much thought to what it meant - we just LOVED the sound .

Later on when Peter Framptom went solo it was hard to believe he was the same guy that was in Humple Pie. His new image was not down and dirty rock n roll anymore, he was more the smiling and loveable pop rocker. I still liked him (okay, I LOVED him) but he was no longer "rock n roll" .

Some of their best known songs are:
Big Black Dog
Stone Cold Fever

Shine On

C'mon Everybody

Hot 'N' Nasty
30 Days In The Hole
Ninety-Nine Pounds
I Don't Need No Doctor

If you choose to watch this You Tube video I found, remember - this was LIGHT YEARS before we has the techonology of today and long before there was such a thing as a "music video"

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Jeff said...

Hey Layla, long time no see. I was just curious on how you have that post always stickied on the top. I was just wondering because I wanted to utilize that on my new blog.

Layla said...

I missed you! I answered this on your blog so you'd be sure to see it!

Ben said...

Excellent critique Layla, and I'm a fan of pretty much anything that Marriott did, even though he broke The Small Faces way too soon.

Jeff said...

I missed reading your blog too. Thanks for answering my question!

Smoking Christian said...


Just how many blogs do you have? I need many, many more too, I now think. ANYHOW, how very strange. Yesterday I had the overwhelming urge to hear "30 Days in the Hole," an album from college days I've never replaced with CD. In fact, I have no Humble Pie on CD! This cannot stand!
Nonetheless, I totally agree with commenter's feelings about Peter Frampton, post-HP. My wife purchased that ubiquitous Peter Frampton Live and I can't even look at it.
Marriott was in "Small Faces?" I must now get out of my chair and check my SF CD credits. How on Earth did I miss that little factoid? (I'm so darn curious, I am really, really serious about getting out of this chair, walking at least five long feet and reading these credits because I really don't believe it...Here I go now...I'm really serious...Don't try to stop me...I'm almost up...)


Bruce said...

Thirty Days in the Hole is one of those songs that still stands up some 35 or so years later. They just don't make bands like Humble Pie anymore...

Michael said...

my fave humble pie CD is Rockin the fillmore. ( last CD that frampton participated in) Great live cd and yes.......before frampton became a pretty boy rocker.

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