March 12, 2006

Today's Young People Know Good Music!

I've read several articles lately on-line, and one in Rolling Stone about how young people are listening to more and more classic rock and keeping the sales of my old favorites in high numbers!
They think the "old music" is more original and just better (I agree). One high school student put it this way:

"They were more about the music then. Now it's more about being famous,"

This thrills me and I've seen it myself in my son's friends. They'll be driving in my car and can't believe all the cool music I have on my iPod, they love to talk to me about Hendrix, Floyd, Zeppelin, The Who, Rush, Yes and on and on. They think I am so cool to like the music they listen to. HA!!!! I show them my concert ticket stub collection and they practically drool. I LOVE IT!

(P.S. My son (15) says he hates classic rock even though he can recognize all the greats (I have been "training" him in important history about it since he was two)

BUT, since I like it, he won't admit he does. I am "lame" and "uncool" no matter what his friends think. Yet, I often hear him humming a Doors tune or singing along to U2 - he can deny all he wants, but I know the truth!)


Perplexio said...

It will pass-- probably sometime between the age of 18 and 21 he'll finally admit that you know/knew what you were talking about when it comes/came to music (among other subjects).

I think with me it helped that my parents were in their 40s when I was born so much of their music pre-dated rock and roll. My older siblings listened to classic rock and because older siblings are the coolest, that's what I grew up enjoying as well.

Jeff said...

When I was his age I denied the fact that I liked classic rock. One day I just turned around and said to myself "Wow the music I like is pretty bad" and decided to listen to "Wish You Were Here" and from then on my life changed. From there on in it I gradually tried more and more classic rock bands until it reached the point that I've listened to nearly all of them.

Russ said...

I was like your son once too. But trust me, the more you play the music you like around him, the more comfortable he'll feel with it when he's older. It'll make him think of you.

I decided to get into classic rock after I read an article about high school kids today who are getting into their parents' music. I've always heard names like Pink Floyd and The Beatles, but never really knew what they were all about. I felt like I missed out on something, and now I'm trying to catch up.

By the way, I'm listening to Sgt. Pepper's while I'm typing this!

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