January 16, 2006

The Edge Says No More U2 Tours!

Vertigo to be U2's final tour? At a recent press conference, U2
guitarist The Edge told journalists that the band may stop touring
believing their current tour to be their best yet and that it would be best if the band bowed out while still on top. "I'm ok to say bye-bye because I don't think we could top it." said The Edge.

I got this from 80's Music Newsletter

All I can say in response is:

This sucks if it's true.


Anonymous said...

If you read the context, Edge was addressing only the question of whether the band would extend the current Vertigo tour for another leg after Australia/Japan/NZ. It had nothing to do with any plans about future work.

Layla said...


Thank you whoever you are for setting me straight. I have not been thinking clearly lately and apparently not reading clearly either. I should just delete this but I'll see if anyone else catches my error.

Thanks again!

KT Did said...


Anonymous said...

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