August 5, 2011

Happy 45th to "Revolver"

  It was 45 years ago that The Beatles released this album, one of my favorites of theirs.  Do you have a favorite song off this album?  I think mine is Good Day Sunshine or Eleanor Rigby or For No One or....

Side one
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
2."Eleanor Rigby"  McCartney2:08
3."I'm Only Sleeping"  Lennon3:02
4."Love You To(Harrison)Harrison3:01
5."Here, There and Everywhere"  McCartney2:26
6."Yellow Submarine"  Starr2:40
7."She Said She Said"  Lennon2:37
Side two
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
1."Good Day Sunshine"  McCartney2:10
2."And Your Bird Can Sing"  Lennon2:02
3."For No One"  McCartney2:01
4."Doctor Robert"  Lennon2:15
5."I Want to Tell You(Harrison)Harrison2:30
6."Got to Get You into My Life"  McCartney2:31
7."Tomorrow Never Knows"  Lennon2:57

THANK YOU The Sound LA for playing the entire album on my lunch hour today!!!!


Charlie said...

Truly one of the greatest rock alnums of all time.

Shawn O'hara said...

Great album. If I had to pick one song, I would say Taxman, mostly for the bass lines.

Dan said...

The reason this album is on most top 5 classic rock albums of all time is because there really is no bad songs on it. They were at the top of their game even giving 3 song slots to Harrison. He was becoming as good a writer as anything Lennon and McCartney wrote. If I had to pick one song I would choose Tomorrow Never Knows for its innovative recording gimmicks further cementing The Beatles as far ahead of anyone else at that time. Even The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones were so impressed they had to create their own "Revolver" albums. Thanks for sharing Barbara.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Thanks for bringing that up. What an album ! My favs. are probably Tommorow Never Knows and And Your Bird Can Sing - though it's hard to pick one or two innit !Cheers

T=Bomb said...

I love Revolver; My favorite song is And Your Bird Can Sing...However I saw Paul McCartney in Cincinnati, OH on Thursday and he sang Elanor Rigby; so right now my favorite is that one. Paul was unbelievable; he looked young and sounded great!!

music obsessive said...

Masterful. And look at those song lengths - nothing over 3 mins. It's like they can't wait to show you their next idea!

Malcolm said...

My favorite is "I Want to Tell You".

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