June 12, 2011

Clarence Clemons Had a Stroke

AP Source: Saxophonist Clemons Suffers Stroke : NPR

In this 2009 file photo, Bruce Springsteen, right, and saxophonist  Clarence  Clemons  perform during the first German concert of his "Working On A Dream" European tour in the Olympic stadium in Munich.

This is horrible news, I hope he has a full recovery. He's 69 years old, but its hard to think of anyone in the E Street Band as "elderly" because they are all so full of life. Bruce must be a wreck with worry. I remember how upsetting it was for him to lose Danny a few years back.

Please send out prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts (or whatever it is you do) for Clarence's health and for strength for his family and friends.

Peace, Hope and Love,Barbara


Charlie said...

Unfortunately, I heard on the radio this morning that his condition is extremely serious!

armouris said...

more info on stroke here - Physiotherapy for Stroke Patients

Rock said...
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Rock said...

He passed away.

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

So sad!

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