November 23, 2010

Michael Hutchence

Watching an old doc. on INXS and appreciating all that he was:

Sexy as hell

What doesn't show is the depression, the angst, the torment.

About 6 years ago I met someone who knew Michael for a very short time when he was assigned to do an exclusive interview.  He was a journalist from London, his name is Ian _____. (I can look it up if anyone wants proof that this is not bullshit, but I can't think of his last name at the moment).

Ian told me that he was backstage at a few concerts and has spent time with Michael and his father.

After Michael's death his father was going through his belongings and came across his journals.  He immediately called Ian, he wanted him to be the one to see them.  Ian told me he didn't want to share specifics but that Michael was very depressed for a long time.  His writing was so dark and hopeless.

In a way it made me feel better knowing for sure that his death was his choice, not an accident and not a murder.  But the bottom line is - - - he's gone.  And in spite of what his bandmates thought - there is not replacing him, he WAS the band.  INXS was just another band without him.

Depression is everywhere.  Its affecting several people that are close to me....including my son and myself.

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Ohara said...

I was a fan of and listened to INXS throughout high school in the 80s. I was impacted by Hutchence's death more so than any celebrity passing before or since.

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