October 26, 2010

Bob Dylan

Some say he could sure write some music.

Some say he still can.

I say he could and he still does. Have fun Rock and Roll Guru! Tonight in Madison Wisconsin.


Barbara said...

Bob will go down in American history as one of our most prolific and original songwriters ever!

I guess I better check out Joe's blog to see if he has his review up yet :)

Seano said...

Absolute legend, American treasure, musical genius, poet supreme......but he cant sing anymore and should get off the road. Its painful to see him live. He sounds like a frog with a cancer kazoo.

Answering Service said...

Unlike so many artists who put out some amazing music decades ago, Bob Dylan's new stuff ain't that bad. One of the things I respect most about him is how prolific of a songwriter he is. The man has released literally hundreds of songs.

Also, his voice seems to have aged even more. It was rough 40 or so years ago, but it's even rougher now. Like he's been marinating it in smoke and bourbon.

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