September 3, 2010

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert

I could never wait until this TV show came on every week. It was broadcast late Saturday night when all your parents were in bed and all us young music lovers were looking for the best new musical performances.

As the above video testifies to the validity of this show, you just never knew what band would show up next. The next video is actually a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. ABBA was great at creating that wall of sound and catchy melodic hook.

Each week brought a new live concert like the following.

Kirshner actually had a long line of artists who wanted to appear on the show at scale, which was much less than they would get normally, but they knew what the exposure would do for their careers.

Let us know what your favorite Rock Concert performance was.


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Was in college when this began...late nights, alcohol and drugs and rock and roll..nothing better

Ed said...

why dont they have stuff like this anymore?

Barbara said...

I'm with you! I loved all these type shows. I think Midnight Special on Saturday nights was my favorite.

Those were the good days of music!!!!

Sean Coleman said...

I missed the revolution by about eight years. I was seven when that Sabbath spot was originally broadcast in 1975.

These days if a "band" plays on the tube, you get auto-tuned, garbage vocals with a sample of a crappy dance song from 1982 looped over and over in the background,until it mercifully comes to an end. That is if you didn't already do the honorable thing and plunge knitting needles into each ear to make it stop.

That's live music on TV in the 21st century, baby!

Drums said...

All the performances you have posted never gets old! I love them, especially the drums and percussion!

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