June 1, 2010

New CD by One of Our Blog Buddies!

Paul Lesinski of Isorski's Musings has just released his first CD!  Its available for free download (but please consider donating $5 or more).

Check it out HERE!

The actual CDs will be available soon.  Help spread the news by Tweeting or sharing of FB!

Contgrats, Paul!  I am listening to it right now, awesome!

(Do you must feel like you just gave birth?!)


Isorski said...

Thanks, Barbara - It is a nice feeling to unleash this on the world. I have pretty much had it to myself for a year in one form or another!

Barbara said...

I've been listening to it this afternoon, great lyrics, vocals and guitar....very talented.

Mbop said...

Are you planning on hitting the UK anytime?

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