July 31, 2011

Band from Poland: Psychohollywood

I love it when bands send me an  email or a CD and ask me to check them out.  Sadly, I haven't been doing much with music lately due to LIFE.  These guys sent an email and caught my interest, partly because they're from Poland - not many Polish rockers that I know of, but these guys are the real deal, many of you will like them:

(coming to this blog feels a bit like entering a room that has cobwebs in the corners and a layer of dust everywhere....I miss it here, I need to get back here and make this place alive again.)

Here's a description and a link to their site/music:  http://psychollywood.blogspot.com/

"Psychollywood this rock band, formed in 2004, the initiative and Marcin DominikKoziury Krzyzanski.
Material presented by the band, it is quite heavy but very dynamic rock, based on thetypical American, guitar playing patterns such as, Motley Crue, Social Distortion,G'n'R, Backyard Babies, Mustasch, etc. ..

"Members Psychollywood apparently chosen their own mission to prove to the worldof thoroughbred rock'n'roll still alive, very well and can kick as hard as a few decadesago, at the time of its greatest glory.
You will not find here breaking barriers, or expanding the borders in music, but it isauthentic essences sharp rock at its best. Heavy guitar riffs and juicy, pulling bass,awesome guitar solos and harsh and wbijający his head, melodic vocals. Listening to this music certainly raises the pressure. "

1 comment:

Tonal Memories said...

Wow, I just check this out. Very good. I emailed their link to a friend. May have to get this one.

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